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2010 Still Holds Some Gems with The War on Drugs ‘Future Weather’

We’re in the last few months of 2010 and everyone is starting to look forward to the crop of releases in 2011 and making their best of selections and reflecting on the year. I even remember November of last year was when 2010 leaks were making their way online, so it’s natural to look forward […]

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Record Store Day is Coming Up!

A week from Saturday is Record Store Day across the country. I’m excited because my favorite record store is preparing a pretty good day show. To get an idea of what us Atlanta people have in store check out the little poster I put together above. What is Record Store Day? It’s the one day […]

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Sound Through Sight

There’s this really cool project going on from some cool people I know. Tom Williams (from Radio Exile), a writer, Sarah Mulligan, a photographer, Rahawa Haile, a filmmaker, and Chris Miller are going on a roadtrip to find out where the music industry is in 2010 and where it’s going. Like the writers, I really […]

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